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Stages of recruitment

Filling out the application
Research our available opportunities and submit your CV to the one that interests you the most.
Interview with HR Director and Team Leader
The HR Director and the Leader of the team, you will join, will conduct an interview to ensure that you have the necessary legal knowledge and skills that characterize you as a professional lawyer, and will be able to harmoniously complement the team.
Job offer
If you have successfully passed the interview, you will receive a letter with a job offer.
This is a mandatory period, the duration of which depends on the position, and is necessary for getting to know the team, corporate culture, adaptation of a specialist and determination of his hard skills in practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about working in Main Business Partner
What course can you start with an internship in a law firm?
From the last courses of the university. We will be glad to welcome young talents with a great desire to work in the field of jurisprudence and a good set of soft skills.
Grades and the color of the diploma: what knowledge and skills are important for novice lawyers to possess?
Knowledge is not always measured by the "color" of a diploma, novice lawyers should have basic knowledge of substantive and procedural law, legal terminology, rules and procedures for appeals, filing petitions, claims, principles of law in those areas of practice that they will encounter while working in our company.
What shouldn't you say in a job interview?
There are several main factors: don't lie; do not interrupt; do not be silent; not talk about negative things about the past company, team or colleagues; about personal; on sensitive topics (politics, religion, etc.); about things that are not related to the interview.
What you may be asked at an interview in a law firm?
HRD is usually interested in soft skills: What does the candidate consider his most professional achievement? Why should we hire you to our company? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Your strengths (Give a specific case from your life, when exactly did this quality help you?) What are your weaknesses? What will be your first steps in your new workplace?

The Team Leader will pay more attention to hard skills, the set of which depends on the position for which you are applying.
How to build a career in Main Business Partner?
For the lawyers of our company, it consists of the following stages:
  • Trainee
  • Junior Associate
  • Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Team Leader
For employees in other non-legal positions (for example, administrator, manager, or sales manager for legal services), career advancement is also provided up to Team Leader.
Knowledge of foreign languages: is it important for an MBP lawyer?
Yes, of course. Modern society requires competitive professionals who are able to communicate in a professional foreign language in their field. Knowledge of a foreign language provides an increase in the level of professional competence of a specialist, including a lawyer of our company. We need specialists with knowledge of English not lower than the Upper Intermediate level.
Where to look and how to apply for new vacancies at Main Business Partner?
Main Business Partner is very active on social networks: we have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn and YouTube, where we update information regularly.

You can also send a motivation letter with a resume to our HRD to his email address below, since we want everyone to have the opportunity to receive important information in a convenient format:

Facebook —
Instagram —
Telegram —
YouTube —
LinkedIn —
Do I need to know company information before coming for an interview?
You must clearly understand why you want to join our company. Look at the company's website, its social networks, feel the corporate culture, try to understand what kind of person the company is looking for. Ask who your interview will be with, read the partner's publications and information about the cases that he accompanied.
What hard and soft skills does a modern lawyer need?
Soft skills are difficult to measure. They are usually associated with a personality, individual qualities. In our company, lawyers have universal social and psychological skills, which, in particular, include: creativity, communication skills, leadership, the ability to negotiate, win, etc.

Hard skills are those professional knowledge and skills that determine a specialist in a specific field. The level of a specialist's hard skills can be checked and assessed using exams, tests and practical tasks. This group of skills includes knowledge of legislation, the ability to correctly draw up procedural documents, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and others.
If you still have questions about the recruitment process or work in our company,
contact the Head of HR Department Serhiy Likholat
by phone: +38 (096) 33 67 427
or e-mail:


Fill in the application for the selected vacancy or send a resume to our HR director at:
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